The ivision DEE is a glimpse into tomorrow for the Bavarian brand, showcasing some key upcoming advancements for production models

BMW has recently developed a knack for dropping jaws. Whether it’s the kidney grille on the M4 or the altogether squared-off XM, everyone has something to say about the brand. And the new ivision DEE is no exception.

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This concept’s uncluttered three-box design reminds us of the E30 sedans of yore, but brought into the age of EVS. It doesn’t even look like a BMW from right ahead in all-white because the kidney grille can colour shift. Those, along with the headlamps, will change to produce different facial expressions to convey moods such as “joy, astonishment or approval”.

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The ivision features the German firm’s upcoming Neue Klasse electric car platform, and these dedicated underpinnings mark a departure from trying to adapt a car designed to use an internal combustion engine as the automaker starts building EVS from the ground up.

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The big news is the inclusion of a virtual assistant, much like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, but because it’s a car talking back to you, not a phone, most people will find it easy to imagine something akin to KITT of Knight Rider fame. The blank white bodywork is also a canvas of sorts, being made up of 240 E-ink segments, which is a technology that can use up to 32 different colours, so the entire exterior of an ivision DEE could be completely customised.


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